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Our mission is to help our clients achieve their "Green" goal with their home build. There are many reasons one may pursue a GREEN HOME:

  • Environmentally Conscience Through Limiting Waste

  • Save Money Through Reduced Utility Use

  • Consistent Comfort - Minimize Temperature Swings and Temperature Pockets

  • Self Reliance and Independence! Off-grid is Our Jam!

Solar Panels on Rooftop


We pursue this mission through education. We don’t upsell customers for label-sake, and understand home ownership and our impact as homeowners (There’s a lot of “GREEN” and not all of it makes sense.)


We Accomplish Our Green Mission With Our Clients in 3 Primary Ways:

  • Streamlined Construction Process that Follows a Detailed Construction Schedule

  • Scrupulous Note Sharing Through Co-Constuct

  • Regular Communication and Education with all of our Teammates

Wooden House
Home Renovation


We build homes differently. We know you've spent hours researching alternative green building materials and techniques.  We care and want to be the builder behind your mission!  Most of our clients come with pages and pages of notes regarding ideas they'd like to explore.  We find that notes can usually best be categorized by the utilities.  Let's start with the biggest: Energy.


Become your own power plant! 


We promote:

  • Solar (Primary) - Yes, we do Tesla Solar Shingles too

  • Wind (Usually supplementary)

  • Generators

  • Hydro - Please tell us you have a stream on your property!


Our homeowners are aware of their energy footprint on earth. We are too! Together we can minimize your home's consumption of energy through:

  • Monitoring & Tracking through WIFI Breaker Panels (

  • Efficient Products - From the biggest (HVAC) to the smallest lightfixure

  • Home Automation of, well, everything. Thermostats, Lighting, and security is connected to a central "brain" such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Home.


Don't just be independent when the sun is up! Store your hard-earned electricity for nights and emergencies.

  • Batteries matter! 


Creation, Consumption and Storage are all wasted if conservation practices are not in place.  Our homes are "Solar Ready" meaning we understand the importance of the things that are too often missed:

  • We build homes THICK! Staggard Stud, Double Wall, and other Framing Techniques are used. ICF, SIPS, and INSTRUCT wall products are all on our menu too!

  • We build homes TIGHT! On the exterior, we love "Fluid Applied Weather Barrier" products. On the inside we calk, and then calk some more. Aeroburrier is also on the menu which is a silicone mist that fills and seals even the smallest of penetrations. Our homes can be so tight we sometimes need Air Exchangers installed.  Our blower door tests average 2 or below air changes per hour. Code is usually around 3.5.

  • INSULATION: We love closed and open cell foam for all rim joists and the attic ceiling. We blow in our insulation and with a double wall or staggard-stud framing avoid thermal bridging. We can also insulate your foundation inside and out.


Water storage is a must for anyone looking for off-grid independent living. 

  • Indoor Storage Systems have become easy and affordable.

  • Rainwater Collection is allowed in Utah. 1500 Gallons above grade and 2500 buried in cisterns.  Water your yard with this storage.

  • Monitoring and Tracking through a simple Flo Valve by Moen.


Air conditioning makes up 50% of energy use. And since COVID many understand more than ever the effects of airborne particles.

  • We use efficient HVAC products and for those on all electric do mini-splits and full VRF systems.

  • Filters with high MERV scores are used to promote clean quality air and prevent airborne illnesses.

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