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Eco-Friendly Home Additions

Look to Green Tech Construction for eco-friendly home additions in Provo throughout northern Utah.


Adding on to your current house makes sense for many homeowners, both from economic and lifestyle perspectives.


Adding on to your house is typically less expensive than the per-square-foot price of buying a house too, because you can tie into the home’s existing plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.


Another advantage of a home addition is that you will have room for other family members or renters. These additions give you space for an extended household without the stress of overcrowding.


Whether you’re interested in expanding the master suite or adding a bedroom, mother-in-law unit, garage, playroom or home theater to your Utah home, call on the Green Tech Construction team.

Home Additions That Make Dollar Sense

Adding on to your Provo, Utah home is a great investment. In fact, the economic benefits can be substantial. But you’ll benefit in many other ways as well.

Increasing the livable square footage of your home can increase its value substantially. This is especially true if you add bedrooms, bathrooms or garage bays.

Homes in Provo, Utah, (as of January 2019) have a median home value of $304,800. Zillow forecasts that the amount will increase by 5.5 percent within 12 months. By introducing home additions, you can boost the value of your house. You’ll also improve the livability of your house, giving your family more room to grow and get organized.

But many of our clients say the best part is that they don’t have to move to a new house or neighborhood. Your kids won’t have to change schools or leave their friends and you won’t have to get used to new neighbors. You also get to avoid the hassles involved with selling your current home and buying a new one.


Seamlessly Integrating Your Green Home Addition in Utah

With home additions, it’s important to make them look like they have always been there, regardless of the style of your house.

Have you ever seen a home addition that looked horribly out of place – almost like someone plopped a piece of another structure down next to an existing house?

At Green Tech, we are committed to seamlessly integrating your home addition into the main structure so that no one will ever know you added on, from the interior or the exterior. We will assist you in selecting your finishes and planning your layout or you can bring us existing plans for your addition. We are different from other green builders in Utah that simply hand out a brochure of home addition design options.

We will also closely work with you to include all the features and amenities you want in your room addition while keeping your costs within budget.

Technology Makes Eco-Friendly Home Additions Affordable

With the advanced green technologies, materials and construction methods we use, you’ll be delighted by how little the extra square footage adds to your monthly utility bills.

Our materials and workmanship are always of exceptional quality, selected for their environmental sustainability and high efficiency. We want to ensure that your home addition offers maximum comfort and efficiency while helping to minimize its environmental impact.

Additionally, we stay up to date on evolving home-construction techniques. By doing so, we introduce home additions that are better than that of our Utah competitors. We leverage the latest building science so that all our projects are cost-effective, comfortable to live in and energy-efficient. Count on our team to build a home addition that satisfies your expectations.

At Green Tech Construction, our attention to detail and commitment to quality have earned us a reputation that we are extremely proud of. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation and price estimate. We think you’ll be amazed at how affordable, efficient and sustainable our Utah eco-friendly home additions can be.

Take on a Home Addition Project with a Professional Home Builder

Home additions add significant value to your residential property. It’s a good idea to consult home building specialists for help with the optimal design. We have the skills to take on a construction project of any size. We are equipped with the necessary materials and tools to make your home addition seamless and energy-efficient. Our home builders get the work done for you.

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